Police Brutality and Militarism

Too many times we have seen and heard stories of police going beyond the duty “to protect and serve”. Too many times we have witnessed police violating the Constitution they are supposed to be protecting and upholding.

It is a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act for the military to be used in domestic law enforcement. This is an ideal held in this country since the founding fathers penned and signed the Declaration of Independence. The King of England was “quartering troops” among us, a “standing army”. This is nothing less than using the military to enforce the law. We frequently hear police officers refer to us as “civilians”. Findlaw’s Legal Dictionary defines civilian as a “private citizen, as distinguished from a person belonging to the armed services”. Does this indicate that the police think of themselves as military men?

On its own, maybe not, but add it with all the other evidence and it is quite clear that the police, nationwide, are being trained in military tactics and as such are disregarding our innate rights.

Before you proceed to the links below, chronicling the abuse of “civilians” by the standing army, consider these few points to understand how this training is taking place.

The military has been training with local police departments for years, and the local departments are receiving federal funding and equipment to participate in these exercises, hold DUI/DWI/OVI checkpoints (where they can now, they believe, take your blood on the side of the road [Arizona, Texas, Pennsylvania, Utah, Ohio, etc]). Need proof? Watch Alex Jones‘ 3 documentaries on the subject, Police State 2000, Police State 2: The Takeover, and Police State 3: Total Enslavement and you will actually see video after video of the military taking over cities, training the police to do what they are currently doing in Iraq. Many of these soldiers will be coming back to join their local police forces. Also, the infamous, notorious Blackwater, kings of immorality, brutality, and torture, is now training our local police forces. This is a frightening fact.

Do not take this as an attack on the police officers. This is simply the training they are receiving from their superiors. It probably isn’t even the fault of the Chief, Captain, or Sheriff. These orders are being passed down by Homeland Security. FEMA, now under DHS, actually trains police that Christians and the founding fathers are TERRORISTS!

But, you need to judge for yourself. In the words of the founders, “let facts be submitted to a candid world”.

06-17-2008 – Man Sues Walmart, Police After Privacy Invasion and Midnight Raid

Yes, the man developed pictures at Walmart of his own children in the nude. They were far from pornographic. Everyone’s parents takes these pictures. I have a few of myself in the attic. When he went to pick up the pictures, they told him they knew the pictures were of nude children. He explained the situation and left the pictures to be shredded. The company subsequently informed police, who conducted a raid of his home after his family had gone to bed. This is what our country has come to?

07-01-2008 – Homeland Security Wants Taser Bracelet For Airline Passengers

07-05-2008 – Police Attack Hippies At Rainbow Gathering

07-05-2008 – New Jersey Cops Get “Real Time Video Surveillance System” With US Army Funds

“Lower Township Police Chief Edward Donohue announced that the Department of Homeland Security will provide the Lower Township police with a Real Time Video Surveillance System through the U.S. Army’s Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program, or CEDAP.”

07-10-2008 – Sagging Pants Equals Indecent Exposure and Jail Time in Flint, Michigan

07-11-2008 – Reagan Airport Police Give Innocent Woman Concussion

07-11-2008 – Police Inject Amnesia Drug To Subdue Citizens

07-14-2008 – Man Dies After Being Tasered Twice

You may say, “hey, who cares? He was thieving from a home!” We live in a country where we hold the ideal “innocent until proven guilty”. This man was executed by police before he was ever arrested, let alone convicted and sentenced in court. No matter the situation, unless the officer fears (really fears, not dreamed up bullshit fear) for his life, he has absolutely no right to punish, harm, or kill anyone, even if he catches the suspect in the act. This is America. Or is it?

07-15-2008 – Police Tell Man He Cannot Film In Public

Folks, you need to understand your rights. In the beginning of the film, a citizen approaches the man and tells him he cannot film her. Then an officer comes over and demands the man’s identification, and subsequently tries to stop him from filming under “color of law”. This means that the cop is trying to portray that he has the authority under the law to ask this of you, when in reality it is the complete opposite of the truth. Remember – it is NOT illegal for a cop to lie to you. They do it all the time – “just cooperate and we’ll see what we can do”, and the like. We’ve all heard it. The truth is, when you are on public land (sidewalk, etc) or on private land that you own, or otherwise have permission to be on, you have every right to film whatever you want, as long as it is not an invasion of someone’s privacy (like filming through the windows of their house). You have every right to film police in public, their faces, badges, cars, everything. Check your state law, you most likely do not have to furnish your ID to a police officer unless you are under arrest. This is not Nazi Germany, and you need not show your papers. Learn your rights and use them, or lose them.

Take, for instance, this next story, out of chronological order for editorial sake:

07-11-2008 – Man Arrested For ‘Unlawful Photography’ For Taking An Officer’s Picture

The ACLU, as the article states, declined to comment on the particulars of this case without reviewing it, but stated, (I quote the article, not the ACLU) “there is no law that prohibits anyone from taking photographs in public areas, even of police.  Taking photos is protected by the First Amendment.”

07-16-2008 – Chicago May Welcome National Guard Troops To Aid Police

07-17-2008 – LA County Uses DHS Grant To Purchase 500 Mobile Fingerprint Scanners

07-18-2008 – Activists Added To Terrorism Watch List

07-19-2008 – Hancuffed Man Tasered 9 Times, Killed

07-20-2008 – UK Police To Use Metal Scanners On The Street

07-21-2008 – Unconstitutional ‘Free Speech Zone’ At This Year’s DNC

07-21-2008 – Return Of COINTELPRO: My First-Hand Experience With Government Spies

07-22-2008 – Man Dies After Cop Hits Him With Taser 9 Times

07-22-2008 – DC Police Chief Won’t Halt Illegal Checkpoints ‘Until A Judge Orders Me To Stop’

07-26-2008 – Missouri Police Taser Injured Boy 19 Times

07-29-2008 – NY Officer Knocks Man Off Bike, Charges Him With Assault

07-30-2008 – Man’s Legs Beaten Repeatedly By Officer

07-30-2008 – Officer Illegally Holds Property, Requires Identification, and Threatens To Frame Activist, As Cigarettes Are Now Considered Weapons

As you may deduce, I cannot link to every story. These are just a handful to give you a taste of what is going on around you. Dissent is being squashed. Enemies of the criminal cabal in control of our government are being silenced. You need to wake up, now.

2 Responses to “Police Brutality and Militarism”

  1. […] is not an isolated case. On the permanent page, Police Brutality and Militarism, I chronicle a few of the many stories across our country of police stepping out of line. Possibly […]

  2. Glad someone’s saying it! I’ve been wondering why cops act like we’re all enemy combatants; well they’re being trained (brainwashed) to think so.

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