Road to Socialism: Racist Panel or Stupid Masses?

I was going to write about the so-called “racist” cartoon in the news, but stumbled upon a blog with much the same viewpoint I had. The cartoon is not racist because the stimulus package was put together by mostly white people.

The meaning I get from the cartoon is this: people compared George Walker Bush to an ape because the laws that were passed during his tenure were idiotic to the average American, and because he played a good moron. Let us not forget, though, that the laws were passed by Congress, and that for the last part of his presidency the Congress was mostly Democratic. Barack Obama and John McCain voted for the expanded use of warrentless breaking and entering, a direct violation of our explicitly-stated Constitutional freedom from search without evidence. Read it. It is very clear.

The point is that seemingly primitive people are in control, even after Savior Obama’s victory in the election and the strengthening of the Democratic control of Congress. The truth is, though, that both parties are and have been working to bring Nazi ideals to our great Union, strengthening the federal government, and ever-growing the police state and military-industrial-financial complex.

We have been propagandized to believe we need the government to control our healthcare. Ask someone who is on Medicare or Medicaid if you want the feds in charge of your medical decisions. Yet, soon enough, the people in office will make another attempt to socialize the healthcare system.

We have been misled to believe that humans, and not the sun cycle, are responsible for the warming trend. The truth is that changes in carbon dioxide levels follow changes in temperature. CO2 levels have been higher than they are now. And other planets in the solar system are heating up. I highly doubt your SUV is sending smog to Saturn. Yet soon you will be taxed on having too many children and by your “carbon footprint”, a brilliant propaganda term, coined in the style of the originator of public relations and nephew of Freud, Edward Bernays. Remember that China’s one-child policy started as a tax on multiple children. Today Hillary Clinton said we need stronger relations with China.

Anyway, the point is that the status quo has to go. Republi-crat-ism is a dog-and-pony show, designed to give you the illusion of choice. The masses are deluded into beliving that they are making weighty decisions that will change the course of our Union’s future. If they read their Constitution, they’d realize that the federal government isn’t supposed to have power to do anything they are doing, and they’ve outsourced one of their duties to the private Federal Reserve. At the same time they are talking about nationalizing banks, and have already done so. However, what they mean by nationalization is giving control over to the Federal Reserve and the FDIC, both private corporations. They are theiving from the rich to give to the richer, screwing you in the process. They are corrupt and they are increasing their power daily.

If you want to return the Union to its rightful status, if you want to regain sovereignty for your State and your Person, if you want your rights to life, liberty, and property, join in the movement to restate your sovereignty. New Hampshire, Oklahoma, and other states have introduced resolutions to remind the federal government of their constitutional responsiblities and limits. Their statutes (rules of society that have the “force of law”, but which are therefore not laws) are null and void. They have no power. 3 letter organizations are illegal. Most federal “law” is illegal. They only have these powers because you’ve been led to believe, over a multi-generational campaign, to believe that they can do these things.

Now they are going to play the proverbial race card. Attorney General Eric Holder stated that Americans are “cowards” for not discussing racial issues. This is the same attorney who argued for the Washington D.C. complete gun ban in front of the Supreme Court in the Heller case. Now there is outcry of this cartoon, which is obviously not targetted toward Obama, being racist. Expect more similar propaganda in the future. Equal rights movements, sparked by the international bankers, will be the vehicle to socialism. Mark my words. FEMA internment camps are being built. Forced labor, here I come.

~ by skepsis on February 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “Road to Socialism: Racist Panel or Stupid Masses?”

  1. Everything everywhere from the beginning of time to the present day has a beginning and an ending, nothing lasts forever. Change is the only constant on our planet and in the universe. This being a proven fact of all that exists, I am persuaded to ask this question. …Why attempt to prevent necessary change from taking place? …Is it because of unscientific dogmatic bias? It is unscientific bias to hold onto that which no longer has relevance and has been rendered by the passage of time no longer useful, and consequently out of step with existing circumstances, situations and conditions. That which is no longer a positive influence inside the surroundings of our existence should be replaced by that which is a positive influence, … and it will always come to pass when the only change possible to take the place of that what exists, … is the diametric opposite of what already exists.

    The diametric opposite of an economy that is market oriented and not planned is an economy that is planned, … and designed to profit not individual capitalists of our planet, …but rather.. profit equally, all of the people of our planet, without discrimination or prejudice.

    What makes this economic change possible and necessary is the change in our means of producing goods and services. The technological revolution on our planet has made it possible to satisfy all of the needs of everyone everywhere on our planet. No one no longer needs to not have what is needed to live well and survive well because of our scientific and technological advances.

    Those that are concerned about our tanking individual unplanned capitalist economy, should give some thought to the opposite view of an economy that is social and planned so as to profit the mass of people in the world without discrimination or prejudice.

  2. То что бредомысли это точно 🙂
    Видно настиг творческий кризис. Мысле нет о чем писать 🙂

  3. Оценка 5, базару ноль

  4. Looks like you are a real professional. Did ya study about the theme? lawl

  5. Well said!

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