Gender Confusion and the Degradation of the Family Unit in Modern Man

In nature, things are simple – propagate, propagate, propagate. Each species has a unique way in which this is carried out. Some animals have intercourse while in other species the male fertilizes eggs outside the female’s body. In some species the young are carried in a pouch while plants have no contact with their offspring. These gender roles are biologically programmed into each species. It is their strongest desire to fulfill their mission. That is what makes them happy. Humans are no different than other living creatures. It is no coincidence that love, sex, and parenthood are such strong, good feelings. The human tragedy is that we’ve developed the ability to make ourselves miserable.

For millennia humans performed their innately programmed roles – males provided stability and security, females provided love and nurturing. Men have traditionally been the hunters, soldiers, and bread-winners. Females have always taken care of the nest and the family. Men taught the children strength, pride, and motivation, and women taught love, humility, and loyalty.

These roles have been consistent throughout the world for our whole history until the 20th century. In our utter lack of insight and tendency to prove Murphy’s Law true, the Western world began a grand experiment in the 1900s to evolve the human being by “freeing” us from our tyrannically-imposed gender roles.

It cannot be refuted that there were gender-specific rules which were unfair. Women’s suffrage and their slow but much-improved acceptance into the workplace have been positive strides toward equal treatment. But it is also unfair to claim we have given our young ladies a choice to stay at home or pursue a career and on the other hand so strongly emphasize a career that they feel being a homemaker is equivalent to failure.

It is also unfair to our young men that women are bombarded with ideas like: “men should be sensitive and express their feelings”. Women are taught, through movies, television, and teen magazines, to desire men who behave outside their traditional gender role. Men, in their desire for women, began capitulating, cheered on by being immersed in our own evolved-human movement. I aver that this is the direct cause of the increased divorce and infidelity rates in the West.

Women don’t want soft, sensitive men. Women want stability and security. They want to be taken care of and to not have to worry about danger or where the next meal is coming from. When a woman comes to cry on a man’s shoulder, she expects him to be her rock. He should not have tears rolling down his cheek, whimpering like a baby. When the bills come due, she wants money in the bank, and at dinner there should be food to put on the table. Fulfilling these duties for her will make a woman feel good. She’s programmed that way.

The reverse is also true – women can make men happiest by providing the things nature makes them desire: love, nurturing, loyalty, support, and family cohesion. A man needs a woman who will cheer him on, and when he comes home from the war he wants his woman to still be there for him. He wants love and support to keep him motivated and proud. These are the things that make him happy.

This experiment we’ve undertaken has taught us to stop behaving in ways that make our mates feel at peace. Instead of giving them what they want most, we’ve begun hijacking their duties – the things they’re designed to be best at – and we’re forcing them to take on our roles. We’re miserable in this environment, as a culture, and it shows. Over half of all marriages in America end in divorce. This is exactly what one would expect if we all stop trying to meet the needs of our significant others.

What we need is a world where everybody has a choice to fulfill any role they wish, but what is stressed is that each individual choose the role that will bring them the most happiness in life. There are factors that could make certain individuals happier in different roles, but in general men are happiest when they act like men, and women when they act like women. We seem to have forgotten this simple fact.

~ by skepsis on January 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Gender Confusion and the Degradation of the Family Unit in Modern Man”

  1. I’m so glad to finally see this in writing. I think this article could be expanded into many other aspects of daily living. Perhaps including the affect this role-reversal has had on our children.

  2. Robert Heinlein has Screamed this truth in all of his art.I am male and frame houses. Did one last year for a Female same-sex couple and it was the most stressful time of my life (they happen to be ‘raising’ four kids from the sub’s previous marriage gone bad). Just wasn’t natural and filled me with disgust. Still have it.

  3. wtf is natural then. have you people never owned or seen male dogs play???

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