Budget of the United States Government

Budget of the United States Government

Discretionary Spending by Agency (in dollars)

Agency FY 2007
FY 2008
Department of Agriculture 19,600,000,000 20,200,000,000
Department of Commerce 5,600,000,000 6,600,000,000
Department of Defense 429,600,000,000 481,400,000,000
Department of Education 56,000,000,000 56,000,000,000
Department of Energy 22,800,000,000 24,300,000,000
Department of Health & Human Services 69,100,000,000 69,300,000,000
Department of Homeland Security 32,000,000,000 34,300,000,000
Department of Housing & Urban Development 34,700,000,000 35,200,000,000
Department of Interior 10,300,000,000 10,600,000,000
Department of Justice 19,400,000,000 20,200,000,000
Department of Labor 11,700,000,000 10,600,000,000
Department of State, et al 28,700,000,000 35,000,000,000
Department of Transportation 10,700,000,000 12,100,000,000
Department of Treasury 11,400,000,000 12,100,000,000
Department of Veterans Affairs 33,200,000,000 39,400,000,000
Army Corps of Engineers 4,700,000,000 4,900,000,000
Environmental Protection Agency 7,500,000,000 7,200,000,000
Executive Office of the President 300,000,000 300,000,000
Judicial Branch 5,300,000,000 6,100,000,000
Legislative Branch 3,700,000,000 4,400,000,000
NASA 16,200,000,000 17,300,000,000
National Science Foundation 5,600,000,000 6,400,000,000
Small Business Administration 400,000,000 500,000,000
Social Security Administration 7,600,000,000 7,900,000,000
Other Agencies 6,500,000,000 7,500,000,000
Total Discretionary Spending 852,800,000,000 929,800,000,000

~ by skepsis on December 17, 2008.

8 Responses to “Budget of the United States Government”

  1. I like your blog. Would you consider exchanging links?

    I don’t care whether links and comments agree or disagree as long as they are witty or intelligent, as your blog is. The important thing is that we have intelligent discussions to improve America.

    Our future is what we make it. Idiot Congress and elected officials have proven by example that if we do nothing, we have no future. The first step is never to vote for the person currently in office.

    It helps to have some entertainment, satire and laughs along the journey.

    My blog address is http://franklynchusa.wordpress.com

    My 2008 Presidential campaign website that changed the issues for all the Presidential candidates, including Obama, and still has additional issues needed to lift up our future, is

    www franklynch.org


  2. Holy Shit! Is there enough people working today to pay for it? Are we counting on our kids, kids, kids tax dollars? What do yo think Obama is going to slash first- I’d bet military- much to my chagrin.

    • What is he going to cut? Ha ha ha oh that was a good one. “He” (even though he’s not really the one in control) is going to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND. “Civilian national security force” as large and well-funded as the military. $850 billion ON TOP OF Bush’s $700 billion (which is now well over $1 trillion) for bank bailouts. He was funded by the banksters (he raised $750 MILLION for his campaign – largely from corporations and banks) and he will continue throwing hundreds of billions of dollars their way. He will most certainly NOT cut military spending. In fact, he’s talking about war in Pakistan and Georgia, on top of the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts. He is bringing on the same failed members from the Bush 1, Clinton, and Bush administrations and the same old bull you have been dealing with your whole life will continue and get worse. Obama’s idea to save the economy is to spend more money, which they are creating out of thin air, which raises inflation, which is one of the MAJOR things that is causing this problem. So his solution will make it worse, but he will continue to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND until the dollar collapses and there are riots in the street. It may be coming faster than you think.

  3. lol
    obama will be spending much more in military then they are now..
    thats for sure!

  4. Afghanistan troop level to double in 2009


  5. I don’t think he will do war with pakistan.

  6. huge budget for government agencies is the sign of strong government. should government strong enough to hold everything??

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