16 Dead in Yemen as Attackers Bomb US Embassy

I just heard the news and haven’t had much time to think through the ramifications (as it’s 2:30am) but 19 arrests have been made after two car bombs exploded outside the US Embassy in Sanaa, Yemen, killing 16, none of whom were Americans. The 19 arrested are suspected of being connected to al Qaeda, but officials are not explicitly claiming al Qaeda is responsible, only implying. In fact, a different group, “Islamic Jihad in Yemen” has claimed responsibility.

The U.S. State Department said the bombings bore “all the hallmarks” of an al Qaeda attack but the United States had not yet concluded who was to blame.

How can they say it bears “all the hallmarks” of an al Qaeda attack? Are they the only group who uses suicide bombers? Car bombs? The only group who bombs embassies? The only group operating in Yemen? This is called propaganda, folks. Wake up. I wonder what dire consequences we will face as a result of this. Only time will tell.


~ by skepsis on September 18, 2008.

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