Suicidal Man Tasered Until He Falls Off Overpass

A Columbia, Missouri man was threatening to jump off an overpass. The police convinced him to come down off the fence. And the moment he began to trust them, they began the assault. A first taser was fired into him. He ran a few feet and a second taser hit him. This caused him to fall off the overpass onto the Interstate below. If two citizens tasered someone and they fell off an overpass as a result, they would be charged with felonious assault, if not attempted manslaughter. This man was not a threat to anyone. He was not armed. He was contemplating suicide, not murder. The police had no right to taser him. Tasers are killing people left and right. I personally have had heart surgery in the past, and if an officer tasered me I would probably die. What is this kind of behavior for? Is this protecting us from criminals? Terrorists? Police are waging a war on the American people. It could be no other way, they are being trained by the military and the infamous Blackwater. This is going to be turned into an everyone-is-guity, spy-on-your-neighbor state. Barack Obama is calling for a civilian national security force as large as the military. What does that mean to you? 500,000 people spying on the rest of us? The DOJ/DHS TIPS (Terrorism Information and Prevention System) Program (it seems to have been renamed USAOnWatch and is incorporating neighborhood watch groups) is already suggesting a turn in your neighbors and parents mindset.

Watch the video and be disgusted and think about what country we live in. Is this the America our forefathers founded? Is this the land of Liberty? Is this the Republic so many fought to found, to protect, to extend? Where have all our liberties gone? Where have all our ideals of innocence until conviction, privacy, small government, coequal branches, et cetera gone?

~ by skepsis on July 31, 2008.

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