George W Bush Is Not An Idiot

George W. Bush is not stupid. He does not err when he speaks. He is a well-trained actor whose father happened to be the head of the CIA. Think about it.


~ by skepsis on July 19, 2008.

9 Responses to “George W Bush Is Not An Idiot”

  1. Bush is almost history.

  2. 1 ) He is not almost history. The Bush family has been around for a long time. Grandfather Prescott Bush was a Senator and financed Hitler’s regime from his U.S. company (see Senate hearings on the subject). Daddy ran the CIA, started the one-child policy in China in his work with the UN, was Vice President, then President. George W. was Governor of Texas and President. Jeb was Governor. Marvin ran security for the World Trade Center complex and one airport from which planes were hijacked. The Bush’s are not going away.

    2 ) It doesn’t matter anyway. The video proves the point that things are nothing like they seem, and it is extremely easy to fool the American public, and the world at large.

  3. if your saying that he’s really the sharper guy he was as govenor and the presidential dufus is just an act you might consider the long term cumulative effect of substance abuse as the cause of deterioration.

  4. That’s one theory, although if you actually study drug abuse, there aren’t any commonly-used drugs which would cause him to be unable to speak and not affect his other actions. Cocaine may lead to unchecked aggression (a trait he obviously displays) but not retardation of linguistic capabilities. I don’t think that substance abuse would explain his apparent 60 point IQ drop without impairment of his other mental faculties.

  5. […] the laws that were passed during his tenure were idiotic to the average American, and because he played a good moron. Let us not forget, though, that the laws were passed by Congress, and that for the last part of […]

  6. I agree George W. Bush was an awesome president and he does not deserve that bad rap that he’s always getting.

  7. I agree that you’re real fucking stupid and out to off yourself

  8. *ought

  9. i like G. dubya.Bush. One. he was great president. two. he started iraq, or so it seems. three. it is a mystery as to why any of you would believe what i wrote in this reply! 😀

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