Social Healthcare – Read Between the Lines

Look around you and you’ll see the slow-motion descent into socialism beginning to accelerate. The foes of the Republic have always been around but today’s public has forgotten they exist.

There is a saying, ordo ab chao, or “order out of chaos”. Create the problem, control the reaction, offer the solution. A calculated effort to undermine the system of government we hold so dear has been underway for some time. They are winning, and they are picking up speed. They have created conditions such that you are begging them to take control of every facet of your life. You are begging for Socialism. Is that what you want?

I know that I don’t want the same federal government who failed us after Hurricane Katrina to be in control of my health care. But it seems I may not have a choice.

In this article from they expose the truth about the two Democratic candidates’ claims that their socialized medicine plans will cover all Americans.

Barack Obama’s plan offers insurance to every adult and forcibly insures all children. Hillary Clinton’s plan would forcibly insure every American. She is even open to the possibility of garnishing your wages, in other words stealing your money, to force you to comply.

Let us read between the lines, shall we? For what reason would Senator Clinton want to force you into a government-run health care system? The idea behind socialized medicine is that people who want insurance can’t get it. This would offer no explanation for why she would force everyone to get covered instead of simply offering it to anyone who chooses to participate. We don’t force poor people onto welfare, we don’t force the poor and elderly onto Medicaid and Medicare, so why make the insurance mandatory? There must be a reason.

It is only fair to ask if it even matters. Should we have a choice whether to pay for government health insurance? Do we have the right to choose not to be covered by health insurance? Certain religions prohibit the seeking of medical treatment in any instance. Do followers of these religions have a right to abstain from the program? What about me? Why should I be forced to pay for insurance? I think my money is better spent living a healthy lifestyle to prevent illness rather than buying insurance, which is, in essence, simply betting you’ll be so sick it will cost more than your insurance does. Is it not my right to choose to live healthier rather than gamble against my well-being? Isn’t it my right to choose to spend my money eating crap, smoking, and drinking, and not caring about my health? Isn’t it my right to not be covered by insurance, if I so choose?

But Senator Clinton would force every American to participate in the program, even against his or her will. What motive could she have, this obvious control-freak? What is it about the future of the program that people would be so opposed to as to not participate? I beg you to read between the lines. Go beyond the words on the page and the sounds from the television and use your brain.


~ by skepsis on April 3, 2008.

4 Responses to “Social Healthcare – Read Between the Lines”

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  2. Don’t fall into the trap of discarding a good health care program because a small, very small minority is not satisfied. Instead focus on the benefits for the vast majority and attempt to find ways to accommodate the minority.

    Why should a family be wiped out financially because a child gets a life threatening and expensive disease?

    A national health care system makes sense. I don’t want to live in fear. Families should not have to make the choice between getting medical attention and financial stability.

  3. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that this government will run the future socialized health care system any better than it currently runs Medicare and Medicaid. There are people on these programs who can’t afford their medicine and others who get turned down for surgery.

    I personally haven’t had health insurance for over 8 years, and am paying out-of-pocket for every doctor bill I get. But I don’t get mislead by the heartfelt arguments these socialists are pushing to get their ideas through.

    You ask why a family should be wiped out financially because their child gets a disease. I ask why everyone else in America should pay for that child’s illness and not just their parents? I did not make the decision to bring a child into this world so why should I share the burden for your child’s medical costs?

    It may sound harsh, but put your feelings aside for a second and look at this country. Look at how many things we demand our government do for us. The government has become the teet we suckle on to stay alive. The government is not supposed to be taking care of us. That is an idea we fought so strongly against just a few decades ago. Did Hitler take care of the Germans nicely? Stalin?

    Again, set aside your feelings and use your logic for a moment. Look at the current programs run by the federal government. How well are they working? Are these the people you really want in charge of your health care, without the ability to choose a different option?

    I was recently hospitalized and one of my nurses had an accent so I got into a conversation with her and it turns out her last job was as a nurse in the UK. According to their NHS hip replacement is “elective surgery” and if you don’t smoke and you’re not overweight, you will be waiting a year or more for that surgery. If you smoke or you’re overweight you won’t get the surgery at all until you quit smoking or reach your recommended body mass. Is this really the health care system we want? Where we no longer have the right to medical choices but have to have them approved by the federal government?

    This is not America. Read the Constitution once. You’ll find that the document does not authorize any member of the federal government to run a national health care system (nor the Internal Revenue Service, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc). The Constitution strictly states that any powers not specifically granted to the federal government in that document are powers that the federal government does not have and those powers are granted only to the states. If your state wants to pass socialized health care, I’m still against the idea, but it would not be unconstitutional, as a national health care system clearly is.

    But continue watching your Michael Moore and Al Gore propaganda films. Just realize they’re asking you to trust the same government that is the cause for most of the problems you’re complaining about. Someone wrote about that before…

    Problem, reaction, solution. Create the problem, real or imaginary (peak oil, global warming, food shortages, etc). By “controlling the story”, “spin”, and foreknowledge, know what reaction will come, then offer the solution. You have been duped time and time again by the same people. They engineer crises, then you turn around and ask them to solve the problem.

    Example: The Federal Reserve (a private company, not a government agency – look it up in the WHITE PAGES) and it’s member banks, including folks like Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan, engineered the collapse of the economy to drag us into the Great Depression, using much the same methods that are being used by the same agency to ruin our economy today. What was the solution? Socialization, privatization, consolidation of power, higher forced taxation, and bigger government.

    This is not “conspiracy theory”, this is history. Read a book. Learn about the history of central banking in America. Realize that every assassination, attempted or successful, of a U.S. President comes directly after some type of disagreement with bankers. Every single one. The same families have been involved in central banking in this country (and globally) since the first national bank.

    Interestingly enough, we just saw the Federal Reserve borrow money on behalf of the American people and hand it over to a corporation bearing the name J.P. Morgan. They engineer the problems then they are brought in to solve them.

    Way to be asleep at the wheel, America.

  4. I suspect that you opinions differ so widely from mine that there is no basis for a discussion on a blog. It would take a long time and much debate before we could reach common ground.

    Your statement “You ask why a family should be wiped out financially because their child gets a disease. I ask why everyone else in America should pay for that child’s illness and not just their parents? I did not make the decision to bring a child into this world so why should I share the burden for your child’s medical costs?” is quite distressing to me. I am not sure what role you see your government playing in your society.

    IMO, government’s role is to improve the everyday life of all its citizens. Without government participation you probably would not have had an education, have had the use of infrastructure like roads etc. To my way of thinking, your view of the world is one where it is “dog eat dog”. Who cares if your neighbor has a sick kid with a illness that drives them to financial ruin – tough. That is not the world that I want to inhabit – and in the long run, it will not work.

    You made a reference to the Constitution – this is a document written by the rich of America to protect the rights of the rich at the time. All the flowery language about “men being created equal” really means “men of means”. I think it is one of the authors of the Constitution who said “America should be run by the people that own it”.

    I agree with you to some degree when you say that government run things do not function optimally BUT have you considered that this is done by design. There is more profit to be made if I run an inefficient health care system than if it were efficient and delivering maximum benefits to those in need. The problem that I see with government run systems is that it is too heavily influenced by the private sector.

    In closing, I live in a jurisdiction where there is government funded health care. The government spends less percentage GDP on health care than the US and coverage is universal and IT WORKS. No one, and I mean no one, goes without health care. There are quite a few countries that have such a system.

    Best of luck with you blog

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