America’s War Crimes

Watch the following videos, but be warned: you will be disgusted.

Edit: Most of the videos have been taken down. I’m trying to find copies. Here are some working clips (I am saving copies of all these videos):

US Soldier throws puppy off cliff

Soldiers execute wounded Iraqi

Soldiers try to blow up dog:

Soldiers blow up two dogs:

Soldier shoots dog with training round:

LiveLeak won’t let you embed this next graphic clip:
Soldier shoots dog at close range

Soldiers kill another dog:

Soldiers kill civilians for fun:

Killing more civilians

Soldier speaks of his time in Iraq

War crimes caught on video

Aegis contractors killing civilians

British soldiers beat Iraqi teens

Soldiers kill injured Iraqi

Soldiers taunt Iraqi kids with water

"I’ve tortured and raped in Iraq"

Soldiers kill motorcyclist

Soldiers blow up sheep

Is this just a few bad apples, or is this a pattern? These soldiers are coming home and becoming police officers. Are these the people you want patrolling your neighborhood?


~ by skepsis on March 19, 2008.

4 Responses to “America’s War Crimes”

  1. Wake the fuck up. How about shut the fuck up you goddamn hippie piece of shit. You’re probably a college dropout douchebag who lives in your parent’s basement. Go kill yourself you fucking loser.

  2. I noticed that most of your videos are either deleted (no links) or were never placed there. I am interested in seeing the missing videos.

    I am also outraged by what appears to be American brutality and war crimes. I’m most ouraged about the puppy so far, because I understand some about war, and sometimes, civilians are going to get caught in the crossfire, and soldiers are going to overreact. However, the article was too much even for me to understand. ;/

  3. videos all are working now. that’s sad. :/

  4. Nice, BigBallsMarine. No, I’m not a hippie, and I don’t live in my parent’s basement. Why would you get so angry at me for putting up these videos? Why wouldn’t you get mad at your fellow military personnel for acting this way? Obviously this type of behavior is okay with you and you’d rather it be kept a secret from the world. Too bad, I’m going to continue waking people up.

    But thanks for showing everyone the tact of our Marines. Very polite and respectful lot, you are. HA!

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